Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Christian! hence learn to do thy part and leave the rest to Heaven

On this great Feast of the Blessed John Henry Newman, we resolve once more to do our part in bringing the best that the Catholic Faith has to offer to those considering entering into communion with countless generations of saints both here on earth, and in the world to come. Yet as our patron rightly instructs us, it is only by the grace poured out from on high to a heart open to the promptings of Christ's own heart that a true conversion can be effected. We pray, therefore, for the conversion of England, and ask that Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners and Ark of the Covenant, may draw into the Barque of Peter all those for whom her Son prayed that they may be one.

Our Blessed Patron in cappa magna so in vogue with Catholic bishops and Anglican prelates alike

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