Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Falling on deaf ears

We came across an excellent article written by a young Catholic about the generational divide in attitudes to the liturgy when reading the great 'blog produced by Fr Ed Tomlinson, a priest of the Ordinariate based in Tunbridge Wells. Do make your way over to his 'blog to read more. Another example of Generation Benedict.


  1. Becket,

    What happened to the post on the new Order of Mass? I was very excited to read it. I imagine you were asked to remove it because at this point it's ad experimentum.

    At any rate, I'm hoping nonetheless that the entire thing is leaked out here on the blogosphere by some unscrupulous soul. I was delighted by what I read, but dismayed at the Novus Ordo options.

    Praying for you from here in the USA.

  2. You had a very interesting and, I thought, balanced post on the new material for Ordinariate Mass. I forwarded on to someone who is very interested in the Ordinariate but when I went back to reread it myself it was gone.I trust this is just a techie glitch and it will be re-posted?

  3. Yes, too bad your excellent post on the new Ordinariate litugy was removed. I think you are spot on about the traditional offertory prayers. They make the sacrificial character of the mass very clear. We need clarity and Tradition. Praise God that our priests use these prayers in other Ordinariates.

  4. This year's Walsingham pilgrimage, organised by the Latin Mass Society, was bigger and better. About 70 walked the 55 miles from Ely to Walsingham. There was Solemn Mass each day, and plenty of singing along the route.