Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Containing in Itself all sweetness

Tomorrow being the Thursday following Trinity Sunday, in former days in this land known as the Feast of Corpus Christi, our minds turn towards that greatest of gifts bestowed on the Church: the gift of the Most Blessed Eucharist, poured forth from the Sacred Heart of the Lord (which devotion will be celebrated Friday week).

In England and Wales the obligation to hear Mass has now been transferred to the following Sunday - this coming Sunday - and so naturally our readers will be eager to learn of churches holding processions. Unfortunately there will not be a procession on Sunday at S. James's, Spanish Place, this year. However any disappointment will be short lived given that this is due to there being a Confirmation Mass following the usual Solemn Mass at midday, when a large number of candidates will receive another gift of the indwelling love of God in the Person of the Holy Spirit. Do remember these new soldiers of Christ in your prayers as they prepare for this celebration.

Rumour has it that a procession of the Blessed Sacrament may feature in the parish later in the year - we will keep you informed.

Over in Kensington, however, one can continue to attend Mass at one's usual Sunday morning church but also join the usual procession following vespers at the Brompton Oratory which will take place around 3:30pm following vespers at 3pm. You may even be lucky enough to see one of our shadowy number amongst those following Our Lord as He sanctifies the very earth with His Presence.

Until then, some music to begin our preparations for this wonderful feast when we recall the institution of the Eucharist apart from the gathering darkness of the Triduum.