Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Last things first

We have been somewhat remiss here in W1 – a number of weeks have passed since our last post and, in the meantime, we have celebrated the universal kingship of the Lord, and now find ourselves immersed in the penitential, yet hope-exuding, purple of Advent. In the wider world the Government continues on a damnable course towards mindless deification by taking upon itself the authority to redefine nature in the pursuit of 'equal marriage'. The established church has further mired itself in irrelevance by continuing to bar women from promotion to its upper ranks and the unconfirmed from administering the communion.

And yet, Christ remains King of kings and Lord of lords – it is more important than ever not to forget this. As Catholics, we place at the heart of our faith submission to the will of the Servant King, not least because He will come again to judge the quick and the dead, but out of love for Him who died for our salvation. The readings at Mass these past two Sundays and the Rector's sermons have focussed our minds on this judgment and the immediacy of the need to reconcile ourselves to the Lord and His paths and to turn away from our misdeeds.
This coming Sunday, Gaudete Sunday, brings a mid-way refreshment to our Advent preparations. But it is also a call to re-orientate ourselves to the Rising Sun Who comes at Christmas. As Catholics we have the most sublime means by which to answer this call in the confessional, through which God the Father of mercies reconciles us to Himself. This weekend provides a great opportunity to make use of this grace. And if you are not yet part of Holy Mother Church, see what you are missing out on.

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