Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Candlemas Welcome

About 100 or so attended the 6pm Solemn Mass at St James's for Candlemas last Thursday.  We have a small number of photos of the event, starting with a picture of The Golden Lady, the statue of Our Lady and the Infant Jesus that is situated near to "Ordinariate Row" at St James's.

Welcome to Scott Anderson, one of the Ordinariate's newest Catholics.  May he feel as welcome and as content as we do.  Scott becomes part of the London (South) Ordinariate group. 

We must highlight the choice of final hymn last Thursday.  The Race that Long in Darkness Pined has a a certain resonance for those of the Marylebone Group who were once Presbyterians, but it did also seem immensely apt for those now finding their home in the Catholic Church.

One other thing to highlight was the incident whereby poor Scott found himself "locked" in the sanctuary.  He had been bidden into the sanctuary in order to be the first lay person to receive communion.  While this was going on, one of the servers, in accordance with usual practice, locked the altar rails in preparation for the congregation to come up to receive communion.  Scott was therefore trapped : Fr Colven wondered if this might be a sign of things to come in the future, a sign that Scott might one day return to duties in sanctuaries. We shall see, this is not the current plan we understand, but who knows what the future might hold.

The less said about the incident when a St James's regular nearly found herself going up in flames holding one of the Candlemas candles, the better. 

A little more information on Scott's arrival in the Catholic Church can be found here.

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